Why I Started Blogging ??

Samrat Chakraborty
2 min readMay 13, 2020


What you’ll learn in this article: My main Motivation behind writing blogs.

Sometimes I write blogs through my mobile.

We wake up every day, but for the majority of the people, they feel that it’s the same old day which they have to repeat like yesterday. And it's true. I also lived life like that. And that is not at all fun & interesting. And if something doesn't grip our attention fully, our productivity levels fall down.

However, after doing lots of research on this field of optimum efficiency & productivity of a person. I came to a realization that everything we do in life is a set of PATTERN, which we follow day in and day out. And the Best book on this subject which have helped me immensely — Principles by Ray Dalio.

Actually, what happened last year, I noticed a few of my office employees, used to repeat some mistakes while dealing with clients and as a result, we missed many deals along the way. After seeing the same thing happening again & again I realized that they need a simple step by step guide to follow and have to practice it repeatedly. And just within the next 30 days, all of a certain they started performing really well and dealing with the clients became a smooth walk for them. Because as they say, Repetition is the mother of all learning. Want a quick proof What is 5x5 = ____ ?!

Long story short, I felt delighted to see such a small positive implementation of a system can have a positive impact on my company.

And the Main 3 reasons why I write this blogs is

  1. Though this first started only for my employees & new joining. But later I realized if it's helping them, then why not share it with the others. To give away those simple patterns in our life which increases our performance & productivity instantly.
  2. This informative short blogs help me out to network and connect with other Top Players in their field, and help each other out to grow simultaneously. It's like a Win-Win situation.
  3. I feel genuinely happy when someone uses my materials, which I put out after my years & years of experimentation, and perfected it. And when someone gets good results out of it. That feeling of contentment is really priceless.

This is my kinda way to give back to this living vibrant internet society, which has helped me immensely on my growth & transformation.

THANK You, Everyone.

Be Great.

Samrat Chakraborty.


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