Truth behind — Scarcity & Abundance Mentality.

Samrat Chakraborty
1 min readDec 30, 2020


What you’ll learn in this article: Primary reason behind why some people stays poor & average, while others gets super rich.

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I’ve read hundreds of books about getting rich. And the common concept behind the idea of getting rich is pretty simple & straight forward. Every writers writes in their own way.

The Biggest difference between Rich & Poor people, is the mindset & habits.

Poor people believes that there is not enough money to go around. Money brings problems, too much money cant be handled, money doesnt grow on trees… and so on. The tricky part is, if a person starts to believe that something is not attainable, then they would not even try to explore the possibilty. And when a person doesnt even try. Well nothing can help them. Not even GOD himself.

While on the other hand Rich people — BELIVES — that a person cant be Broke, as long as he have this 7 Crucial skillset —

  • Courage
  • Dreams
  • Creativity
  • Committment
  • Great Attitude
  • Strong Work Ethic of taking Laser Focused Massive Actions.

Be Great & keep helping others without any expectations.



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