TOP -10 Indian Fruits to Stay Healthy Forever.

What you’ll learn in this article: Exact 10 healthy Indian fruits that will keep you healthy forever.

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  1. Banana
  2. Guava
  3. Amla-Super Rich in Anti-oxidant.
  4. Pomgranate
  5. Dates
  6. Mango
  7. Lemons/ Orange
  8. Watermelon
  9. Pineapple
  10. Blueberries- Super Rich in Anti-oxidant.
  11. Apricots — Super Rich in Anti-oxidant.
  12. Corn
  13. Grapes red/black/green.

Try to consume at least — 3 fruits every day.

The ideal time to take fruits is after your heavy morning breakfast or after lunch or during the evening. Try not to consume fruits on empty stomach.

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