This is Going To Be an — EPIC Year 2021.

Samrat Chakraborty
2 min readSep 4, 2021


What you’ll learn in this article: New super valuable articles that is going to get published this year by 1st December 2021.

I’m the World’s FIRST Creator of 60 — Seconds Short-Blogs.
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This year 2021, up till now as on 4th September 2021, has been a bouncy ride for many of us. Both mentally & physically this covid pandemic somehow lowered human efficiency.

Now its the Time to CHANGE for Better.

In the Upcoming Articles, I will share with you guys my Best Advice which will help you to get a clear understanding on how to be strong & fit, not only through mentally & physically but also Financially.

The BIGGEST Problem now in INDIA — is the Financial Problem.

Check out this article about the Average Indian Salary —

To many people are ready to give money advices on all over Youtube, Instagram, etc. Most of them will talk about some miraculaous app, which helps in buying stocks, Cryptocurrencies.

In short they talk about the apps, who pays them to talk about. It is as simple as that.


Whatever has happened. It happened. Its time to CHANGE Folks.

By 1st December 2021, You guys will get Top 50 Short Blogs, which will guide you step by step, holding your hand. So that you can see the full view of the Bigger picture by yourself. And make decision accordingly.



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