The PERFECT — Millions of Years Old Formula for Solving any Problems in Life.

What you’ll learn in this article: The simple process to solve any problem in life.

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Today as I’m writing this post, the date is — 20th December 2020, 9pm at night from Kolkata.

Now if somehow I could take you back in the early ancient world through time travel, during the time of Indus Valley Civilization by about 2500 BC.

And there might be some other people who want to go further back in time, during the time of hunter-gatherer caveman days, nearly 26,00,000 years back from now where the earliest stone tools produced by humans (Gona, Ethiopia): Oldowan tools, chopping through flesh, bone, bark were discovered.

As you see, humans are problem-solving beings by nature. Our forefathers & ancestors have been solving problems for millions of years, umm…since 26,00,000 years to be precise.

Even 7000 years back the World population was about — 5 Million.

  • 3000 years back, the human population passed 50 Million
  • 360 years back, the human population was 500 Million

source —

So, as you see, if you look from a Perspective — at the progress, we all made as a human being is really astounding.

There will always be problems of some kind, in the race of human development towards an advanced & better human civilization. We are moving forward.

Why there are Problems or Obstacles exists in general ?!

Answer — Well, its simply because we all are doing some kind of new things to better ourselves, and walking the path which has never been travelled before. So to make mistakes is just a part of the process of human development.

Just imagine a little baby who is trying to walk. Those first initial steps for 1–2 months will be wobbly & sloppy. But with time, he will learn to walk, run, jump, then before he realizes he will find himself in adulthood capable of having his own son or daughter. This is life.

We all have to start somewhere in life.

I’ve read hundreds of books on personal development, and every one of them talks about 2 concepts again & again. And those are —

  1. Art of Goal Setting
  2. Solving Problems Correctly.

The first part is crucial because psychologically we are goal-seeking organisms. Progression in life gives us a sense of advancement & fulfillment.

The second part is the tricky part cause, everyone tells you, and me to solve our own problems but no one teaches us the simple art of doing that properly.

Don't Worry!

On this blog, I will share with you the simple technique that has been used for millions of years to solve various types of problems in all walks of life.

Whenever there is a PROBLEM of any kind, humans have only 3 Choices in hand frankly speaking —

  1. Stay with that problem & keep complaining about it.
  2. Ignore, that there is even a problem & start blaming other people.
  3. Solve it permanently & move forward in life.

I have not invented any new trick, but I’ve simplified the whole process of Problem Solving into 3 basic steps —

The ART of SOLVING Any Problems Easily —

  1. You gotta admit to yourself, that there is a problem which you are facing, because these days, humans don't like to confront due to the big comfort zone they have build-up filled with smartphones, games, social media, etc.
  2. Write the problem down on a piece of paper & spend daily 15–20 minutes preferably early in the morning within 5–6 am. Thinking of ways on how to solve that problem. You gotta stay alone during this period. There should not be any type of distractions, no social media, or calls, no smartphone to be exact. At this moment you will start to see various types of ideas are COMING inside your head. Write those ideas down on paper.
  3. Then take ACTIONS on those ideas immediately. And keep on taking actions each & every day for the next 30 days. Don't skip a single day. It's a very crucial part of the process.

Because just like any other skill, problem-solving is the highest paid skill any human can master.
If you do this for a straight 90 days, without a break. You will be living a lifestyle where nothing can stop you. You will literally have the power to come out of any situation easily.

I could have written an entire 1200 page novel on this subject itself. But the real essence would have been lost. I strongly believe that if there is an issue, it must be solved immediately.

There is only one request I would like to make to you. And that is, once YOU have mastered this skill of Problem-solving, teach this technique to someone else, who wants it. Because we humans thrive on the basis of sharing knowledge. And right knowledge can change an entire life then generation for the better.

Be Great.



Greatest Financier by profession,Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Creative Genius and a Problem solver.

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Samrat Chakraborty

Greatest Financier by profession,Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Creative Genius and a Problem solver.