The Most Easiest Way to RELAX and being Creative.

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What you’ll learn in this article: Why 86% of the population find it hard to relax and how you can get it easily.

Peace is a state of mind.

Lets face one truth now, before you started reading this article, at some point in your life you must have searched about techniques on how to calm your mind or relax your mind somewhere else. I am pretty sure there is a strong chance you have done it. Before writing this article I personally surveyed 34 of my close friends and around 28 of them said yes, that they have searched about this topic of mind relaxation at some point in their lives.

Which is completely natural, cause our mind is like a motherboard of a computer, when it gets heated the pc either starts behaving strange or shuts down sometimes.
Right now I can dive down into the full length of how to calm your mind and get creative instantly. But I won't do that because then the real knowledge will fade away like smoke from a cigarette within a few seconds.

In this lifetime of yours, you will get millions of ways to calm your mind or brain. However, if you know the basic reasons, why our brain gets agitated most of the time like a mad monkey always thinking about random stuff continuously. Because if you know the real reason which triggers the monkey to act crazily then you can be fully aware of the procedure and you will have the complete power within your grasp to control it.

The 2 primary reasons why our brain is constantly buzzing with random things because — -

  1. We overuse our mobile phones/ tablets way too much than necessary. For us mentally its a form of entertainment to watch funny videos or listen to songs, serials, etc. But inside our brain psychologically it is bombarded with useless informations day and night, it doesn't understand the meaning of entertainment. Inside our brain, we have a network of neurons which is called RAS (Reticular Activating System), whose primary job is to filter the information which is only important to our main life goal.

Now imagine this you just bought a water filter with brand new membranes that filter all the impurities present in the water. But instead of flowing water through the main pipeline, that person is sometimes sending beer, soft drinks, whiskey, fruit juice, mocktails, etc. Now as you can understand, that membrane will get badly choked and after some time it will stop working altogether.

So this is what exactly happens when we don't use our mobiles mindfully and keep consuming bad data which is not at all important to our daily life.

2. Procrastination — Its the act of delaying an important action or stalling. Whenever we procrastinate our brain goes into crazy mode because psychologically we are goal-seeking organisms, when we substitute an important action with something that is not productive, our brain starts cooking up new ideas and ways to keep on pushing that action until urgency hits on.

Now as you know the 2 main reasons why our brain goes into the agitated mode. You will be able to control it easily.

The 4 Best Effective ways to calm your mind naturally —

  1. Don't use your mobile before going to your bed at night and after you wake up in the morning for an hour in gap time.
  2. Doing Meditation for at least 5–15 minutes every day preferably in the morning or at night.
  3. Listening to calm soothing instrumental music while doing your work. Make sure there’s no lyric or word in it. Keep a chosen good 4–5 soothing instrumental tracks on your mobile.

4. Taking a long walk in the park or out in nature without any headphones. This is the best way that I myself follow on a weekly basis, where I go to the nearest nature park every Sunday evening.

Scenic pic by Ronita, one of my good Buddy and an Amazing Photographer.

Bonus !!

5. Staying away from news. All highly successful people like to stay away from the news.

6. Cut out the haters and negative people from your life. Just a simple list of people whom you don't like to associate with and then stay away from them or better block them.

If you follow all these ways, you will be genuinely surprised that how come life is so simple. Because it is simple.

And the best thing about a calm and relaxed mind is that we get more creative at that time. So next time stop for a second before searching for ways to get more creative because an agitated mind cant get creative. Creativity is a by-product of a calm mind. Just like ice cream, we NEVER try to physically make the ice cream, we just have to mix the ingredients properly in the right ratios and let it sit on the cold refrigerator for few hours. The icy cold temperature makes it.

Be Great.


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