The BEST Way on Planet Earth to Increase your WILL-POWER & Determination Easily.

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5 min readMay 11, 2020

What you’ll learn in this article: 4 Basic Easy ways to Increase your Will Power naturally.

During Durga Puja Festival hanging out with friends, 2019.

Sometimes we all might have wondered if there’s any power which might help us to get away from any tough situation easily & smoothly. And most people get disheartened when they try to skip the situation or problem thinking it might go away but rarely it does. That’s when all of a sudden, that famous word “LUCK” comes in use. And people start praying to God, hoping for some miracle to happen and save them.

Well from my personal experience I’ve dealt with these types of situations a lot especially before my high school exams, later on during my initial sales job at an Insurance company hoping for a sale to go well. And most of the time the result was bad either in exams or missed sales opportunities. I used to come home sad and depressed after a long bad day at work, it was a moment of complete frustration. No wonder my confidence was at zero, maybe in negatives to be exact.

However, after lots of research & studies on the field of personal development. I came across an interesting topic- Will-Power, about this topic a thousand-page novel can easily be written about its amazing power. But as I like to keep things simple straight, let me describe it as a Special muscle inside our brain, which gets more and more powerful with mental exercises. The biggest benefit of Will-Power is that- it have the full capability to get anything done.

A water dam.

Imagine a water reservoir dam, the amount of massive energy that it has inside of it. And if we hypothetically open one gate a little bit then little water will be coming out of it but if we open one gate fully a huge rush of guzzling water will be rushing out like crazy. Similarly, this is what happens with our will-power, most of us are not properly trained to use it. Because there is no lesson in any schools around the world on how to develop this power to achieve anything a person wants willfully.

The simple thing is we all possess a big dam of energy inside us. And the way of opening the gate depends on the goal you are working upon. If it's a small goal then a small amount of energy comes out of it, and if your goal is BIG and singular in number then you will be getting tremendous energy power inside of you to complete every task in hands in order to achieve your primary BIG goal in life. And this way how a normal average person becomes a Super-Achiever in life. This is the way there’s no secret its all psychology and science.

I realized its power when I used it to transform my body, even few years back I was quite lean and underweight and have joined at least 4 gyms but of no avail. Most of my friends and colleagues used to tease me all the time, but when I made a fixed single goal to transform my full physique, all of a certain right people, right knowledge, right instructor all started appearing in front of me to help me to achieve my goal. Long story short, last year I ended up winning the Gym Chamionship in my locality.

Everything is Possible.

From my years of practice this technique of increasing Will-Power, I came to a state where I can see a full pattern on how to use it properly. You can use it too if you feel like changing your current state of life and make it gloriously better. So that everyone who once used to hate you so much they secretly start to admire you. And as they say, the Best payback for haters is not silly verbal fights or physical tussle but a Massive Success for yourself.

4 Basic Ways to Increase Your WILL-Power & Determination Massively —

  1. Take a single goal preferably small at first, and put a deadline to it for its completion. And take massive actions unless you achieve it.
  2. Make a list of items that is acting as a Block in between you and your goal. It might be your bad habits, negative people.
  3. Learn the necessarily skill set that is required to perform in order to attain your goal.
  4. Persistence. Do it for Continous 30 days straight, if you fall behind, DO it for the next 30 days, until you Achieve what you want. Perseverance & Persistence is what flexes your Will-Power muscle and makes it insanely powerful.

After continuous practice, you will be able to find that a completely new person has taken over you, who always has tremendous energy and zeal to carry out any goal until it's completed. You will be more joyful and happy in your life.

And when you do attain this level, just make sure you pass on this rare incredibly important lesson, like am doing now, to other people who are suffering in life and desperately want some help. Do it freely with good intention, it's a small request to you.

If you give a hungry Eskimo a fish to eat, they will be coming back to you again when they are again hungry, but, if you teach them the lesson on how to catch a fish from underneath the ice-covered lake, they get a LIFE.

Eskimo fishing.


Be Great.

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