SPECIAL Reasons why Its a Matter of Great-Pride to be a BENGALI.

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What you’ll learn in this article: The TOP 20 Reasons why you should rejoice if you are a Bengali. And if you are not, then always make sure to make a Bengali friend and you will never be bored in your life.

“Bengalis are like crab, always pulling each other down”- This is a statement which I came across today in the newspaper by a famous Bengali politician. Such an irony. But anyway, the moment I saw this strange article it seriously made me angry because today is a very special day for us, Bengalis.
It’s our auspicious Bengali New Year,1427. Cause the matter of fact is, no matter how much we shout, protest and fight, unless we change our mentality & actions nothing changes. Period.

Ronita, in saree a Traditional outfit for Bengali ladies.

And that time only I decided not only to write a blog but do a collaboration with another childhood Bengali Buddy of mine, who is a Professional Senior Microbiologist, Ronita. The main reason I took her for this blog for the vast amount of knowledge she has about our Bengali culture and heritage. And a very simple kind-hearted girl.

She is the Senior Microbiologist at a Top Nursing home in Kolkata.

Now you might be thinking the current running year is 2020, then why for Bengalis its 1427. The only reason behind this type of calculation is — we Bengalis follow a unique type of calendar called — the Lunisolar Calendar, which indicates the moon phase & time of the solar year. These calendars are used by other religions like — Buddhists, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese, Kurdish and few more.

This blog will be divided into 2 parts, Our reason for pride to be a Bengali during the past and the present…

PRIDE for the Past —

  1. Now we all know the capital of India is Delhi, but once it was Calcutta(Kolkata) from 1772 to 1911 nearly for 139 years.
  2. During the fight for our Independence, the highest number of freedom fighters were from Bengal. Its a fact.

3. 1st Women Empowerment movement in India was started in Bengal. Kamini Roy, a Bengali girl was the first woman honours graduate in India during the British India rule against all odds from Bethune College, Kolkata in 1886.

4. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, our national hero, the royal son of Bengal. Who contributed much for our Independence. A pure LEGEND.

5. Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Thakur (some say-Tagore), a great poet cum artist who wrote not only our National Anthem but that of Bangladesh too.

6. Oscar Winner, Sir Satyajit Ray, a terrific filmmaker & writer plus graphic artist, music composer, author, lyricist.

7. Swami Vivekananda, a Great Spiritual Leader from West Bengal who made our Hindu Dharma famous all over the world with his powerful speech in Chicago, USA on 11th September 1893.

8. Nabin Chandra Das, a confectioner from Bengal who made the world-famous sweet — Rasgulla during 1868.

9. Jagdish Chandra Bose, Satyendra Nath Bose, among many others are the key scientists of those days who changed the way modern science thinks.

10. West Bengal is a place where we enjoy the presence of Himalayan mountains and the sea (Bay of Bengal) plus adding to this enigma we have our Sunderban, the beautiful mangrove forest.


  1. Bengali comes in the 7th position out of 10 Most Spoken Languages in the world, with over 265.27 million speakers.
  2. One of the Best sound system company product used by the top professionals in the field of audio for crystal clear sound, BOSE, it was started by a bengali boy Amar Gopal Bose, sound engineer & a top class billionaire entrepreneur.
  3. Bengalis just love reading books than any other people on planet earth.
    College Street in Kolkata, with an area of over 1 million square feet is the largest second-hand book market in the world.
  4. Sourav Ganguly, a star cricketer & former-Captain of the Indian Cricket team.
  5. Its a rich Cultural Paradise- where most of the Bengali parents involve their kids in some kind of art form during their childhood, it may be drawing, dancing, recitation, outdoor games, etc.
  6. Rituparno Ghosh, one of the highly famous maverick film director of our recent times from Bengali film Industry- Tollywood. Who have produced many wonderful movies.
  7. Bengalis have a niche for socializing with all types of people. They are easy to make friends.
  8. Some funny traits of being a Bengali- Majority of them are avid football & Cricket fans.
  9. They have a tendency of having a sweet tooth. Though I don't like sweets at much, however many of my friends & families just love it.
  10. They always like to stay updated with the current news.

This blog is written not to prove that this community is more superior to others. But as a guide to revisit our Golden memories of the past with a new perspective of gaining the strength from there so that we keep on doing the good work to help this world a better place for us and for others. We strongly believe in co-operation, love, and unity.

If you are a Bengali and enjoyed this post of revisiting our Glorious memories, you can also comment #Proud to be a Bengali, in the comment section. Thanks.

Last year, during Durga Puja- The Main Festival of the Hindus.

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