How to TRANSFORM — Your Life in just 1 Day.

Have a daily Fixed Routine —

It gives you the power to Laser FOCUS on your goals & dreams. Have a system to follow through everyday. Having a daily routine will make you more consistent & accountable. Write your wins down, as those small wins, will help you to Win bigger & better in future.

5 Things You gotta Optimize :

  1. Positive Mental Attitude — No news
  2. Regular Workouts
  3. Mind Polish — Priming your mind by Focusing at your goals regularly.
  4. Taking Care of Finances — Make a Goal to earn a Fixed amount of money every month & year. And do whatever it takes to do that.
  5. Meditation — I personally do it 2x a day.



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Samrat Chakraborty

Samrat Chakraborty


Greatest Financier by profession,Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Creative Genius and a Problem solver.