How to Have an EPIC — 2021

Photo by Sead Dedić on Unsplash

— How to stay on Track with your 2021 Resolutions ??

  1. Wake up early every morning at 5 am.
  2. Write your Goals down
  3. Plan your day ahead, & keep it full of activities. Manage your time properly.

5 — Step Process to the BEST Year Ever —

  1. List out all possible income opportunities.
  2. Set 10x Target for every opportunity.
  3. DO — The Math to determine financial impact.
  4. Meet the Executives & assign them Targets.
  5. Figure out WHO & What’s needed to reach your Goal.
  1. Use 10X Daily Planner, to stay in beast mode.
  2. Crystallize the WHY behind the WHY, which will drive you towards your goal & will keep you motivated without a single drop of youtube videos.
  3. Change your surroundings & fill up all your free time.
  4. Get Gravitational Pull & attend 6–12 Events which will make you a better person.
  5. Hire an Accountability partner/coach — to ensure you hit your Target successfully & diligently.



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Samrat Chakraborty

Samrat Chakraborty


Greatest Financier by profession,Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Creative Genius and a Problem solver.