Samrat Chakraborty
1 min readDec 31, 2020

What you’ll learn in this article: 8 — Steps to Become a Millionaire.

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  1. Make the Millionaire Decision. Get fully COMMITTED to it. It's all a game of 2 Parts Mental & 1 Part Mechanical (2:1)
  2. Do the Millionaire Math. How many items, you gotta sell to earn 1Million in cash after taxes.
  3. Write Down your Target on a White piece of paper & put it beside your bedroom wall, where your eyes fall regularly.
  4. Identify — WHO — has your money. i.e. who are your customers & go get it from them by delivering a product or service.
  5. Increase Income & stay broke.
  6. Save to Invest — Don't just save to save.
  7. Create multiple streams of Income. Minimum 7 sources.
  8. Repeat 1–7

I learnt this technique. from — Grant Cardone. And this really works. I did it myself.

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