7 — Spheres of Goal Setting.

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Generally majority of the population, when they heard about Goal setting, they immediately think of 1 big goal or various of goals.

During my early days, I used to set many goals for myself, but at the end of the year, I used to end up all perplexed & confused of having too many goals.

So I devised a simple plan, of jotting down all the basic important spheres of life. And setting goals for each of them. From that time on, everything got simpler as I made it more clear & precise.

Like there are 7 days in a week, 7 colors in a rainbow, likewise there are 7 Spheres in Life.

The Basic 7 Spheres of Life are —

  1. Physical
  2. Income
  3. Wealth
  4. Professional
  5. Spiritual
  6. Recreation
  7. Relationships.

Under each category, you can jot down 4–5 goals, at the end you will end up with at least 25–30 Goals. From that Big list, select Your TOP — 5 Goals and Work on it. Dont even think of going to the next goal until & unless you achieve your Top — 5 Goals.

You are allowed to go to the next set of 5 Goals only when you complete your previous TOP — 5 Goals. Its all a game of Priority.

Our human brain works well, when we keep it simple & precise.

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