60 seconds Quick Guide — To Be an AWESOME Content Writer & Blogger.

Blogging is easy.

Every Master was once a complete disaster. —T. Herv Eker

How to be a Better Writer or Blogger —

  1. Write about what fascinates you.
  2. Make one point per sentence.
  3. Use analogies & stories to make your point.
  4. Simply cut extra words like — really, very, stuff, things, almost & maybe.
  5. Read out the whole thing aloud.
  6. Post it publicly — It will be making you more productive to provide quality content.
  7. Put at least 1 to 2 eye-catching pictures relating to your topics inside your blog, to make it more easily understandable. Nearly 75% of all humans are visual learners.
  8. Use Grammarly software for automatic grammar corrections.
  9. You can use Free Stock Picture sources, for your blogs like — Unsplash.com, Burst, Reshot, pexels, pixabay.
  10. Set a fixed routine for your daily/weekly writing. And then stick to it religiously.
Repetitions after repetitions are the mother of all learning.



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Samrat Chakraborty

Samrat Chakraborty


Greatest Financier by profession,Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Creative Genius and a Problem solver.