6 — LAWS of The Mind.

Samrat Chakraborty
2 min readDec 23, 2020


What you’ll learn in this article: How our human brain operates.

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I’ve read hundreds of books about the power of the mind, subconscious mind, etc.


there is one book, which made everything simple to understand & to the point- Mind Power in the 21st Century by John Kehoe.

John Kehoe

Up here he talked about the 6 Laws of The Mind —

  1. Thoughts are real forces — Whatever we think most of the time, we become that.
  2. Law of Transmission — What we think with raw emotions & visualize vividly, we end up attracting it into our life.
  3. Law of Attraction — Emotionally charged thoughts bring our goals quicker to us. A strong desire, Powerful Will-Power & Supreme Determination can make every impossible, possible like a cake walk.
  4. Law of Control — We all have the power inside of us, to think of a thought persistently, to let go of a bad thought or dismiss it completely if its not useful to us.
  5. Law of Insertion — We can imprint any belief into our subconscious mind within 90 days maximum through daily repetitions 2 times a day, morning & night.
  6. Law of Connection — There exists 2 Worlds — our Inner World & Outer World. What we think, is what we see & get. What we think most often, happens to us.

Enjoy his Channel — https://www.youtube.com/user/JohnKehoeMindPower

This book literally changed my life for the better.



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