2 — BIGGEST Skillset, which will Help You to Achieve Anything.

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2 — Biggest Skillset which Will ALWAYS Help You —

  1. Art of Negotiation — In our day to day dealings, we all have to communicate to get what we want. But, a person who is extremely good in Negotiation, will always end up with more compared to other individuals. Because a person who is good at Negotiation knows how the human emotional brain operates.
  2. Networking — This is the most ancient skill since the dawn of humans appearing on planet earth. A person who can Network, with people who have resources, which he wants, can & will always triumph life easily. Give & take policy is nothing new under the sun.



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Samrat Chakraborty

Samrat Chakraborty


Greatest Financier by profession,Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Creative Genius and a Problem solver.